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Glass Replacement across Salford 

Salford Glass, based in Salford and covering the whole of Manchester, are glass merchants and specialist glaziers. If your double-glazing is looking misty and you are looking for glass replacement, we are the company for you.

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Glass Replacement

Do you have a glass unit that needs replacing? Here at Salford Glass, we have a team of professional glazing specialists who can expertly install and replace glass for any domestic or commercial building. We can visit your property at a time that suits you and complete our work quickly, keeping disruption to a minimum. 

Glass Door
Worker setting up a window

Why replace the windows when you can just replace the glass?

If your window frames are still looking good but the glass has seen better days, then it sounds like you need Salford Glass. We can save you time and money by offering you glass replacement. We can supply a pane of replacement glass for your window frames and ensure that it fits perfectly, eliminating the expense of having to replace the whole window unit. We have been providing expert glazing services across Salford and Manchester for over 30 years, our experience in the industry ensures that we have built a solid reputation for efficient, skilled work and dedicated customer service.

Heat Retaining Glass

We also offer heat retaining glass - an 'invisible' coating that is placed onto the glass to reflect heat back into a room whilst also allowing in heat from the sun. A great way to save on those energy bills! 

glass door of the office building

Frequently Asked Questions

Is double-glazing worth it? 

Definitely! Double-glazing will not only keep your home quiet and free from damp, it will also add value to your home and help save money on those pesky energy bills!

When should I replace my double-glazing?

If you start to notice condensation or mist in your double-glazing, this is a key sign that is needs to be replaced.

Can my double-glazing be repaired?

Of course! It is much cheaper to repair your double-glazing than to replace the entire window. The good thing is our expert engineers can do this for you and help you to keep the costs to a minimum!

Why is my double-glazing cloudy?

Do not worry, this just means that the seal on your double-glazing has become faulty. This is often caused over time when the window or door has been installed poorly. If you have cloudy or misty double-glazing, get in touch with us today and we can help!

uPVC window being installed

Looking for glass replacements across Salford? Get in touch with Salford Glass today. As a business, we aim to respond to all email and form enquiries between 24 and 48 hours. Give us a call on the number below if your request is urgent.

Call us: 0161 727 8600.

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