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Failed Units, Misted Double Glazing

At Salford Glass we have a wealth of experience and expertise in the trade of manufacturing double glazed windows to ensure that you get the best quality service and an affordable solution to getting your misted or steamed up windows looking like new again.

We have been providing a replacement glass service for misted up and steamed up windows in Salford for over 35 years and have built a strong reputation in providing outstanding and affordable results.

How do we Repair a Misted up Window?

We will replace your misted up window with a replacement double glazed window unit. It is not always possible to repair a misted up window and as double glazed units are not as expensive as often thought, it usually makes sense to go for a brand new double glazed unit made from energy saving glass to ensure you do not lose heat and incur bigger heating costs, and of course a brand new looking double glazed window to improve the overall look to your home.

Often when a customer calls us regarding a misted or fogged up window, they fear that the whole window will have to be replaced, but with our replacement service it is only the actual glass unit that is replaces, saving you the inconvenience and costs associated with replacing the whole window.

‘Blown’ Double Glazed WIndows

You could be getting vast amounts of condensation inside your windows to the point where the entire window mists up between the glass layers, this is a common problem and Salford Glass can provide you with a cost effective and straight forward solution without any major disruption to your home. In most cases, when a double glazing unit fails in this way, the double glazed unit has lost the vacuum between the sheets of glass and in turn, moisture fills this area.

Over a period of time, the moisture will leave behind an inaccessible residue that will make marks on the window and prevent you from keeping the glass looking clear and clean. If you are experiencing any mist within the double glazed unit this means that your glass needs replacing.

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